Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Grade Bullying Unit

Hello!  I know it's been a long time since I blogged.  Balancing all the roles of a school counselor can be quite challenging! 

Second graders just completed their bullying unit.  They know that bullying is:

On purpose to hurt
Happens over and over

They also understand that:
Bullying= Danger

Second graders role played telling an adult if they are being bullied or, if they know someone else who is being bullied   They understand how hurtful bullying can be!

We also read two really great stories:
Froggy Tames a Bully
The Bully Blockers Club

I especially like the Bully Blockers Club because it demonstrates kids bonding together to stop bullying.  Although we don't introduce the concept of "imbalance of power" in second grade, this book does a great job at showing how kids can take the power away from a bully by sticking together.
Here are some of their amazing anti-bullying posters!  I posted some of them on our bulletin board.  We have some really fabulous artists at DBS!


Rick said...

Your second graders have better handwriting than I do. :-)

Next year, I'm anticipating that our program is going to make more of an emphasis on bullying. We've got the Steps to Respect program for grades 3-5, but really none for k-2. I'm in the market for that right now!

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