Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4th Grade Class Council

Greetings! I am excited to announce that I began fourth grade class council last week. We have a lot to cover this year! Last week fourth graders started a seven week curriculum on social thinking. The curriculum will be focused around expected and unexpected behaviors. They were introduced to this concept in second grade class council so, we will be exploring a little deeper into how these behaviors cause what and how people think and feel.

Last week was a review. We discussed the meaning of behavior, and the concept of expected and unexpected behaviors:

Expected Behaviors= Good Thoughts and Good Feelings
Unexpected Behaviors= Uncomfortable Thoughts and Comfortable Feelings

We read from a really great book called You Are a Social Detective. It helps to reinforce how expected and unexpected behaviors are used in the classroom, playground, and at home.

We also played a game that allowed students to think about when a behavior can be both expected and unexpected. An example:

Running is expected on the playground.
Running is unexpected in the hall.

The students came up with some really great examples!

This week we will be reading more from The Social Detective, doing a group activity that focuses on expected behaviors in school, and a really great team activity to reinforce expected behaviors! Stay tuned. I will be posting some of the students work in class!


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