Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social Thinking

This week second graders started a unit on social thinking. For the next four weeks they will be learning about expected and unexpected behaviors in the classroom.

They have learned that:

Expected Behaviors = Good Thoughts and Good Feelings
Unexpected Behaviors= Uncomfortable Thoughts and Uncomfortable Feelings

We discussed specific expected and unexpected behaviors.

Expected behaviors in the classroom:
Raising your hand

Unexpected behaviors in the classroom:
Calling out



Second graders also learned that they develop good thoughts about students who use expected behaviors and, uncomfortable thoughts around students who use unexpected behaviors. They were given an example of a behavior on the smart board and asked to chose a thought they would have about it.

For example:
Someone helps you pick up- “I like being in class with this kid.”
Someone is not doing their work- “I don’t like being in class with this kid.”

Next week we will learn how to replace unexpected behaviors with expected behavior.


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